Break out of the ground and stand up against the wind-Micro Vision Sensor is officially established!


   In August 2019, Micro Vision Sensor was formally established in Xishan District, Wuxi. Full name: Wuxi V-Sensor Technology Co., Ltd, English abbreviation: V-Sensor. Microvision sensing, taken from microchip big vision, is the company's vision expression since its inception: taking MEMS chips as the core, optimizing performance, developing products, and becoming an excellent supplier of MEMS chips and solutions and 3D sensing modules.
     Microvision sensing is incubating in the double innovation center of Zhongkexin Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd. It integrates the development, production and sales of MEMS chips and modules. Taking MEMS chips, especially MEMS micromirror chips as the core technology, it is widely used in 3D machines Products in the fields of vision, lidar, and laser projection.
   We can not only realize all the design and process of the steady state and scanning state of MEMS micromirrors, but also achieve the function and performance of international competitors. We have already carried out application cooperation with many domestic industry application giants. In addition, we also have a team of highly experienced high-tech talents in the industry to provide continuous support for the continuous innovation and breakthrough of micro-vision sensing!
Break out of the ground and stand against the wind. At present, the demand for independent replacement of domestic MEMS micromirror chips is becoming stronger and stronger. Microvision Sensing understands its mission and responsibilities: using its own chips to lead the technological revolution in many domestic industries. The road is long and the road is approaching. We will make unremitting efforts to forge ahead!

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