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On January 11, 2020, the 19-year annual meeting of Microvision Sensing was held in the company. This annual meeting was divided into two parts: a meeting and a party. All employees gathered together to talk about the past, seek the future, laugh and laugh.
 "Let's live up to the past, not afraid of the future", this is the theme of the 19-year summary meeting of Microvision Sensing.
 19 years is a new year for WeChat. We are established, relocated, and opened;
  It was a year from 0 to 1, we signed the first order, the first mass production chip output, the first module product passed the verification, and introduced a strategic investor with all strength and influence;
  It was a year of running. Less than half a year after its establishment, we quickly formed a team with complete roles and tacit understanding. We completed more than 13 patent acceptances. We successfully delivered batches of MEMS chips and won praise from customers.
  For 2020, we are ready, and we have set our direction and goals at the annual meeting.
Microvision Sensors attaches great importance to talent development, actively reserves talents, and encourages excellent employees. After a multi-dimensional evaluation, this year will commend and award employees with outstanding performance in 2019, which are the best newcomer of the year, the best innovation of the year and the outstanding employee of the year. In addition, many outstanding employees were commended to encourage innovation and encourage endeavor.
 At the party, everyone put aside their job ages, forgot the worries of work and life, laughed with all their strength, and enjoyed the explosion of the moment.
 The self-recording self-performing program performances are wonderful and rich, ranging from single singing to fancy poem recitation, from dance to magic, and all of them want you to look good;
  Funny hilarious games test not only mental but also physical strength, because you will laugh at your weakness. Continue to celebrate the new year and advance with the times to celebrate the new year. 2020 has already begun, and all the micro-vision sensors are standing side by side at a new starting point and drawing a blueprint together. I also wish all my friends a happy new year and a happy new year!

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