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How long have you never played pia ji? In your childhood classrooms, playgrounds, yards, and even on the roadside, there must have been a "high and low" figure between you and your friends. Time, the unchanging is the childlike innocence, and the passion and optimism about life; whenever faced with the teacher’s questions, your strategy is to bow your head and pretend to read the book seriously, or hide the ostrich behind the book, trying to make the teacher forget your existence, but In the end, no one can escape the fate of being named. Those times that seemed difficult for us at that time are actually precious existences. On June 1st, "I left for half of my life, and I still came back as a teenager." We never changed our minds and were always confident and upward. We were the teenagers who were full of longing for the future and full of sunshine. I believe that life will always give you a good life, such as a snack spree .

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