Departure-Breaking the Wind, Leading the Way||Wei Sensing Opening Ceremony Held Grandly


   On November 5, 2019, the opening ceremony and unveiling ceremony of the microvision sensor hosted by China Science and Technology Innovation Center were grandly held. The ceremony was chaired by Minister Xu of the China Science and Technology Double Innovation Center and invited to the Standing Committee of the Wushan Xishan District Committee, Chen Chang, the Deputy             Director of the Xishan Management Committee, the leaders of the various bureaus of Xishan District, and the chairman of the Zhongkexin Liu, and the deputy general manager of the Zhongxin Manager Wang, the head of relevant departments of China Science and Technology Core, and General Manager Yu of China Electronics Technology Venture Capital and other important guests all expressed their heartfelt congratulations on the establishment of Microvision Sensor.
Mr. Wang, Chairman of Microvision Sensing and Vice President of Zhongkexin said that he is full of hope for the development of Microvision Sensing, and also put forward expectations and visions. All employees of Microvision Sensing must live up to the chairman’s expectations and work hard Work, walk down every step;
   Mr. Yu, CEO of CLP Ventures, said that the future of microvision sensing is inestimable, and he made valuable suggestions on the three aspects of R&D, market, and management of microvision sensing. Thanks to Mr. Yu and CLP Ventures The great opportunity given;
 The Standing Committee of Xishan Chen welcomed the addition of Microvision Sensing to the Xishan territory. We also believe that with the support and leadership of the Xishan District Government, Microvision Sensing can go higher and further;
    Liu Dongfeng of Zhongkexin said that today is the wedding ceremony of Weishi, the "daughter" of Zhongkexin, and also puts forward higher standards and requirements for Weishi sensing. Weishi sensing must be in accordance with Liu Dong’s instructions. Make persistent efforts, don't forget the original intention, move forward.
     The plaque of Microvision Sensing was unveiled by four guests including Chen Changxi, Xishan District, Deputy Director Wang of Xishan District, Chairman Liu of Zhongkexin, and Deputy General Manager of Zhongkexinwang. With the support and leadership of Zhongkexin and the government of Xishan District, Microvision Sensing will definitely break the wind and lead the way!

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