Industrial testing

Wuxi Microvision's 3Dcamera can quickly and accurately measure 3D vision, and realize intelligent object recognition and 3D positioning through advanced vision algorithms. It has been widely used in advanced manufacturing, industrial inspection and logistics transportation industries to help customers improve. Process, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs
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Face recognition

Compared with the 2D face recognition method, 3D face recognition is accurate and efficient, and can quickly identify personal identities. Micro-vision sensing 3D sensor camera with built-in sensor and programmable line structure optical module can project more than 1 million points to accurately identify the user's face
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300 meters ultra-long detection range, 10% reflectivity and ultra-high resolution, can accurately sense buildings, pedestrians and other things in the scene, each beam of each lidar has its own corresponding "sign", Only the echo of the signal will be received, avoiding the misjudgment of obstacles caused by other radar interference
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Laser microprojection

With the advantages of MEMS, optical module and controller design, we provide steering solutions for system customers in the fields of automobiles, mobile phones and wearable products. Our MEMS controller module has small size and low power consumption and the best optical resolution
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